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New Sony DSLR announcements

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sony announced A200, a replacement of their first foray into the DSLR market, the A100, in CES. A lot of people were surprised that it is not a very big improvement over the A100. Well, Sony waited til the PMA (photo marketing association), to announce 2 more entry level DSLRs, A300 and the A350. You can read more about them here.

These are very interesting announcements, price wise, they are fairly competitive, which is good for the consumers. There are some key features I like, and a lot of people have been happy with their Sony Alphas. I found this Minolta/Alpha mount forum, http://www.dyxum.com/index.asp, check it out, I found a lot of camaraderie amongst members, a very nice community, not a lot of hostilities.

One thing I am wondering about all of these recent camera announcements, is that with a recession going on, who's buying them, where's the money coming from? It really looks like some of the hot cameras (Nikon D3/D300) are flying off the shelves; are people using their tax refunds to purchase these new toys?

Right now, I think the best DSLR deal is the Pentax K10D. With a $100 rebate (sorry for the late notice, it ends 1/31/2008), you can get it for $509 after rebate (body only)! That's INSANE! Too bad I don't have the money now, :), doing a kitchen remodeling......

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