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SDHC Memory Card Alert

Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday's BestBuy ad had a great price on a PNY 4GB SDHC memory card at $29.99. I checked my camera, a simple firmware upgrade can get my Pentax DL handle the SDHC memory cards. The upgrade was easy, and off I went to buy the memory card.

Plugged it in the camera, a quick format, not a problem. Switched to raw (JPEG mode only shows 999, no higher), it went from 94 (1 gb card) to 376 pictures! Hey, I like it.

I took some test shots, and then plugged it into my memory card reader. Hmmm, what happened to my removable drives? They will not open up, rebooted the PC (that should fix everything, right?), still no go.

Quick on-line search showed my card reader (SanDisk ImageMate 12-in-1), with part # of 20-90-00136, does not support, and firmware upgrade to support SDHC is not available for this particular model! Bummer! I forgot to check if memory card reader has to be SDHC aware or not. Darn.

Now, if you have SanDisk's multi-card reader, the following model and part #'s will work:
SanDisk ImageMate 12-in-1 (SDDR-89)
Part #: Firmware Version:
20-90-00136 SOL
20-90-00163 SOL
20-90-03066 9339 -> 9346
20-90-03103 9339 -> 9346

and their ImageMate 5-in-1 (SDDR-99)
Part #: Firmware Version:
20-90-00135 SOL
20-90-00162 9312 -> 9347
20-90-03028 9321 -> 9347
20-90-03067 9335 -> 9347
20-90-03105 9335 -> 9347

I am keeping the card, since I can hook up my camera to my PC, but eventually, I'll get a new card reader.

So be careful about this gotcha!


Joe B. said...

Thanks! I just now upgraded the firmware for my dl to use the higher capacity disk and took some pics. My sandisk card reader couldn't read it. Found your article. I just plugged in my camera to the pc to transfer the pics.

aakash said...

However, minor errors in the card can render the stored data inaccessible. The errors occur if the card gets corrupted or damaged. Nevertheless, the card can be made reusable by formatting. The images, videos and audios can then be uploaded again from the updated backup. If the backup is not available to restore the lost data, a memory card recovery software must be used.

Imagine a scenario, where you are traveling overseas and taking tons of pictures everyday. One fine morning when you switch on the camera to view the pictures, it greets you with the following erro


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