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New (old) toy

Thursday, January 24, 2008

With all the hoopla of new camera announcements, I decided to get an oldie but goodie.

Fresh Ebay purchase - Canon G2, only 4 megapixel, flip-out LCD and optical view finder, hot-shoe (works with my remote flash trigger!), raw support, 34-102mm f2.0 - f2.5 lens (sweet!). Only missing the remote control and USB cable, oh, the manual is in Spanish, but downloaded the manual right off Canon web site, no problemo, :). Well, for 50 bucks, not bad.

Flip-out LCD, nice feature to have in certain situations.

Battery and charger seemed to work well. Checked online (Ritz camera actually), I can get a replacement battery for about $15.
The camera is actually kind of heavy, but I like the way it looks, a lot like a rangefinder camera.

With the hype of megapixel race from camera makers, it's nice to get back to the basics. Can't wait for better weather condition to test this camera out. This being the second generation of the G series from Canon (G9 is the current model, and it is highly rated), it has been around for some time now - released around August 2001. In digital camera terms, this camera is ancient! My purchase seems to be in fairly good shape, small amount of scratches here and there, but overall in very nice condition. Pop a CF card in, and took a few in-door shots, flash worked without problem, and pictures are nice quality as far as I can see. Focus is slow, and of course, shutter lag is there, what the heck, it's from 2001, :)!

Hmmm, I am wondering what other older digital camera people are still using?
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