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Taiwan - Back Roads and Alley Ways

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Due to time difference, I got up very early each day in Taiwan (maybe 5 AM or so, funny, I am having the same problem after I got back to the states).. Since the damn bed is so uncomfortable (why do people like to sleep on hard beds??), I got up and walked the empty streets..


Breakfast joint

Dogs have learns to watch out for traffic. Natural selection at its best.

Ramen place - went there last year.

For for cars.


Near campus of National Taiwan University

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Taiwan - Temples

Saturday, December 17, 2011

There are a lot of temples in Taiwan, a lot.  The religion is a combination of Taoism and Buddhism, multi-deity.
I remember when I was little, I was afraid of going into temples, they are just scary to me.  Dark, incense burning, the smell, the crowd, just too strange for me.  It's better now, I am more comfortable with temples now, and it is a neat place for people watching.  That aspect of it was cool.
Northern Taiwan - City of Keelung.  This temple is famous for it's night market, right outside of the temple's entrance.  The name of the night market is simply called "Temple's Mouth".

They are blessing the silver car on the right.  I didn't realize that people of Taiwan has this custom.

Paper money, offerings for the Gods.

Prayer Wheel.

Lighting the incense, ready for a prayer for good fortune.



"Wood Fish"  While monks are praying, they beat this thing with a rhythm.  Makes a neat sound.





Long-Shan Temple (Dragon Mountain).  In Taipei.  This was a busy place.  Lots of people here praying.







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Taiwan - Train Train Train

Friday, December 16, 2011

Train is still a very viable transportation method in Taiwan. I love the high speed rail, but, to see Taiwan, hop on one of the slow trains available, that makes frequent stops at small stations/towns. It really neat, and makes a perfect day trip to kill some time.

Taipei Train Station - schedule.

Train station food court.

Silver Liner

Small town, small station.

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Taiwan - Scooter Culture

Taiwan is known for the scooters, and they are everywhere.  The one thing that bothered me the most is the exhaust.   I think some of them are still running on 2 stroke engines, so the fumes are quite bad, especially if you are at a stop light with bunch of them around...   Other than that, I think they are very versatile.   They can go every where.    Maybe people do the trip that go around the entire Taiwan island in 4-5 days on their scooters, that's something I would love to try out.




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