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Flagstaff Bed Race Day - Toys for Tots

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Went to return some library books today, and they had the Flagstaff Bed Race day today. Cool.

I was really surprised with the first place prize - Trip to Hawaii to compete in the National Bed Race!

Second prize - Trip to San Diego!

Third prize - Trip to Vega$!

There were some serious competition, tons of people. This is what I found out of places/towns that have 4 seasons: They really appreciate the nice weathers! I remember going to Milwaukee for business trip during Summer time, they had lunch time outdoor concert in downtown area parks, every day, that was really cool. Of course, the Winter is pretty rough.

We didn't stay to watch the whole thing, but it was nice to be outside, and watch the activity, people, etc.

MONSTER Amulance.

Starting Gate
The Marines against the Hippies, :)

Com'on, let's go!!
EMT against team Target.
Leaves are changing color already.
While we're close to downtown, we strolled around downtown a little bit. I can't believe the drop in # of tourists. We kept getting asked by shop keepers, "are you local?".
One of the coolest looking church.

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