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Bald Eagle

Sunday, January 13, 2008

We've heard reports that bald eagles have been spotted in the Mormon Lake, and Lake Mary area, so we took a drive out there to check it out. I have never seen bald eagle in the wild before, so it will be a treat. Here are some information about them. Last year there were no water in Mormon Lake, but this year, we had more rain, so it looked much better. But the lake itself was frozen except a few spots.

We looked for dead pine trees around the lake, the first close encounter was a red tail hawk. Nice one. Kept an eye on me the whole time.

A view of the peaks from Mormon Lake.

We didn't see any Bald eagles at the lake, but upon returning home, I thought we can check out the little man made lake by our neighborhood. Guess what! We saw one! What a treat! I wish I could get closer, but the place was a little muddy, so I didn't get out of the car. I guess we didn't have to put 150 miles on the car today. This was 3 minutes from our house, :).
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