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More Snow Bowl

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leisurely Pace - Just look that way, this was going pretty fast.

A look at the top, I think that's 11,500 ft at the top of the lift.


It's all about the look, right? She's easy to spot amongst the crowd.
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Snow Bowl

Side show Bob.

There was a competition at the slope, the outfit is definitely cool.

Balancing act.

Take a guess: Is he a skier or snow boarder with this outfit?
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A few links

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I found a few bird photo blogs, but they are in Chinese, but please enjoy the pictures:

Home page - http://blog.yam.com/phdwhite

Amazing looking bird - http://blog.yam.com/phdwhite/article/14542451


I am too lazy to embed HTML code today, just copy and paste it to your URL, :)

More bird shots

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I think this one is Red-Shafted Flicker, but correct me if I am wrong, another possibility is Gila Woodpecker.
I think there's a job waiting for it in the circus.

A woodpecker of some type. I can't find an exact name for it by comparing pictures.

Steller's Jay.

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Afternoon Sun

Afternoon Sun, Gray Sky and some snow on the ground. Doney Volcanic Cinders.

Took this shot from the taller of the 2 cinders.
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B&Ws Winter

More snow to come

Old Barn #1

Old Barn #2

Standing By

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Ski break

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Arizona Snow Bowl - time to go is during the week days. Weekends were packed, and now it's wide open space. I like the wide space they have here.
Not crowded at all. It is a work day after all.

Wide open area, really nice. The snow was really nice, not icy at all. I think they received around 80 inches of snow in 1 week.

A view of the Kendrick Peaks.

No, I didn't ski. Just came up here to take some pictures after I got off from work.
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