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Cactus Blossoms

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The colors of these blooms are very bright, I guess they really stand out in their drab surroundings. Another wet Winter helps too.

Camera - Olympus E500.

5 more hours

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just crossed CA/AZ border, into city of Yuma.

My rental car was covered with dead butterflies. I am not sure where these butterflies are getting their food, as I didn't see that much desert blooms. Maybe whatever they are planting at the large scale farm lands along the Colorado River.

I did see the Colorado River as I crossed a bridge, well, at this stage here in Yuma, with amount of water that has been diverted into various canal, it's more like a creek than a river.

There're tons of RV camp grounds in this area, a lot of snow birds here. Many of these camp grounds are still fairly full, but I am sure the days are getting close to head back north, as I am sure the weather is getting better up north.

Scottsdale Palm

Somehow, I was able to capture the wonderful light around dusk, as it hit the palm trees. Usually, my white balance would be off.

The End

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aptly placed sign next to a small junk yard.
Off of California State Road 111, on my way to Salton Sea.

Camera - Olympus E500.

Dateland, AZ

Date Palm Grove. Dateland, AZ

I have heard of Dateland, where they sell date milkshake on Arizona highway TV program. I was traveling from Flagstaff to El Centro, CA, off of Interstate 8, between Gila Bend and Yuma, AZ, I saw the sign for Dateland, I had to stop and try out the "date shake".

It was really good, and super sweet. On my way back, I stopped again, and this time, I bought some whole dates to munch on. I bought some Medjool, Halawi, and Khadrawy dates, all are good, but Medjool being the sweetest.

Here is a link for Dateland's website.

Bird Pics

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I found myself using the Olympus E500 more and more now a days.
It's really light, great quality, and the sensor cleaning is a great feature that seems to really work. This version doesn't have the anti-shake feature, that would've been nice. The lens choice is not like Nikon, Canon, or Pentax, but my lens kit (14-45mm and 40-150mm) is plenty good for a quick trip, and not worrying about being weight down.

Spring Time

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spent a lot of time lately in Phoenix area.
Between visiting Mayo Clinic, we do get some spare time once in awhile to relax a bit, and check out Desert Botanical Garden. We visited the garden in July one time, it was pretty miserable with the heat.

Shot March 3rd, 2009. It's only March, but Phoenix already reach 89 degrees. It's only dry heat, right? :)

Flowers are coming in. Some of the cactus has started to bloom. I am sure in a few weeks, my allergies will kick in.....

A few days later on the 6th, the temperature only got up to 75, that was really pleasant weather.

Two Shots

Get well flowers for my wife.

Picture 1 - shot at f5.6

Picture 2 - shot at f32.0

Been absent from posting, with more pressing issue to take care of at this time.

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