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Taipei at Night

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Taipei City - Taipei is a very busy city, with population of around 2.6 millions people. The city gets pretty crowded during the night, with people walking, buses, fancy cars, taxis, and the countless scooters taking up the roads.

Cars every where, I don't think I'll drive in Taiwan, too scary for me.

There are several types of cars that I have not seen in the states before, lots of micro vans, that I don't think will meet the safety guideline in US, but newer models of Suzuki Swift, which looks like a rally car, are plentiful.

Eating out, at a popular branch restaurant that serves noodles.

Shopping Center - SOGO. I think it's a Japanese department store. We went there mainly for the kick ass food court, :).

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Then and Now

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another one from the archive - same park. it's now called 228 Memorial Park.

The building seen in the picture above is still standing. I am sure the water was green back then also.....
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Then and Now

Stone/Concrete bridge in the "New Park" in Taipei. Not much has changed, perhaps maybe it needs a good power wash, :)

Sans the model..

Compared to a picture from 1973.....
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Then and Now

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This is our old house in Taiwan. Not sure when this was taken, but it had to be fairly old, since the area is still surrounded by fields. The empty fields are now all built up with high rises. and some sections of the townhomes have been torn down and built up also. Land is scarce.

New photo, the first 2 houses are still there, the second one is where we lived. It is very run down now. I am sure it's just matter of time before they are demolished. They don't look like they are being occupied.

A little bit closer...
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Bitter sweet trip to Taiwan

It's been 33 years since I been to Taiwan (that's when we moved to the states). It's a bittersweet trip, because I planned for this trip with my wife before we found her cancer had spread, and then her passing. I wished that she was with me on this trip in person, it would've been a complete trip for me.

My trip took me from Phoenix to LA, then LA to Incheon, Korea, then to Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan. A good full days worth of traveling. I was on Asiana airline, and the service was impeccable.
Above shot was approaching the airport in Taiwan.

Very green, still a lot of farm fields in this area.

Now we are seeing tall buildings right before landing.

Right after I settled in the apartment I rented, went out for a walk. Lots of cars, narrow streets, I don't think I can drive here..

More to come

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