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Using Tele at Grand Canyon

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Another trip to Grand Canyon, but this time, I only used my 80-200mm lens.

I usually use wide angle, but just can't capture the "GRAND" of the canyon. So I thought I'd try something different this time.

I think I like the way some of them turned out. We stayed til after sunset (for the first time), the light was nice. Everything was hand held, it was a little tough because it was very cold and windy. Things I do for a few shots, :) It was well worth it. Snow on the cliffs adds a nice touch. I really like some type of image stablization assistance. Hoping Nikon will make it an in-body feature, but I don't think that's the direction they are going with recent introduction of their VR lenses. Do I have to go with Pentax, Sony, or Olympus? I know, I should've take my tripod on every photo trip....

Shot right before sunset; it's funny, the snow behind the boulder is still hanging in there.

Shot after sunset, manual setting, f2.8, I think I shot it at 1/50th of a second. From Moran Point. I wish I had brought my tripod.

Silhouette - After sunset.

From Desert view, 2 hours before sunset. This is the shaded side, so snow is still abundant.

Oh, and Happy New Year!
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Sean said...

Thanks for the note on my blog. SB-20s make great second lights, you won't be disappointed when you get your wireless remotes.

You have some really beautiful photos here, especially the first two. Love the color, composition, and contrast!

David Wong said...

Hi Sean,
thanks for stopping by. I was hoping the wireless device will be here this weekend, but looks like I placed the order too late. I can't wait to check them out.

Thanks for the complement.


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