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Old town in Lijiang, Yunnan China

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lijiang is an artsy-fartsy city in the province of Yunnan.  It was put on the map due to an earth quake in 1996, and from there on, due to the charming old town, many tourists flood the area, and made it a popular tourist destination.  
My mistake here was that we joined a tour group, which, I think their primary goal is for us to see as many sites as possible.  The old town was really my primary interest, but unfortunately, didn't get to spend enough time there for me to fully check out the place.  The little that I saw, I liked.   If I go back to this place, I would just get a room, and stay in the old town area and explore. 

The hotel/motel situation wasn't bad, the accomodation was very nice in Lijiang (we stayed at 2 different hotels).   The only thing I can't get used to was the bed.  I don' know why all the beds are like sleeping on box springs......  There's only one hotel where the bed was soft enough for me, all others are just way too firm to be comfortable...  

It is actually very easy to get to this city.  There's a brand new airport built, and the roads are very good, I was really surprised.  There are many ex-pats from different countries staying in this city. 

Old-Town at night - got in at around 10PM, sought a nice place to get something to eat...  

Kids going to schoool in the morning.

Early morning, no one around..   The only time for peace and quite...

Youth hostel in the Old-Town. 

Streets of Old-town.

Court-yard of the second hotel, nice place.

Early morning walk.

Lots of phot studios.  Many newly weds come to Lijiang to get their wedding pictures taken. 

Heading to school

A fen-shui master recommended the local majesty to divert water through the city streets, this was done to improve the town's luck after 8 years of famine.  It must have worked, as the town prospered.

Generations - grandpa with grandson going to school

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