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China - Road Sides

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Province of Yunnan is located in a fairly mountaineous region of China.  Because of the mountains, it is very hard to open construct road ways to link cities within the province (translates to high cost).  The preferred methods of transportation is actually by air.  There are 13 airports for this province, which, considers who rural this province is, this is quite a bit of airports.   It doesn't mean travel by air is cheap, plan your trip accordingly to reach this place. 

What is Yunnan known for?  Actually, I believe you can find all 56 classified ethnic minorities in this province, which is a big draw for people who are interested in different cultures of these minority groups. 

We travelled by bus to go from cities to cities, very tiring, but we stopped at some rest area to stretch, or, restroom breaks....



Prayer flags.

Modified farm tractor to carry lumber.  Lots of construction in the Shangri-La area. 

Road side restroom.  Cute little girl.  Too bad I didn't get a clear shot as I took this when I was ready to board the bus.

Fruit vendor. 

Baked potatoes.  No sour cream or bacon to go with it...... 

Young and the old. 

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