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Vegas - Morning After

Monday, March 24, 2008

A sad, sad place to see in the morning. This is off of Las Vegas Blvd. The night of people handing out flyers, cards, etc, are now accumulated all over the side walks and streets....

I still don't understand why parents bring their little kids to the strip.....

There were plenty of poeple, as usual, but the shops inside the casinos were really pretty slow. Restaurants are doing well, I guess. We dined at Mesa Grill, tasty stuff, but is it really worth that much?? Not for me, but my wife liked it, I guess that's good enough, :).
I guess there's no recession when it comes to gambling, though. People are still playing the game like there's no tomorrow, I am just too cheap for that kind of stuff, we set our limit, and luckily, we didn't lose that amount like we did last year, :), we actually broke even on the bet money. Whew... I'd rather spent that money on a new lense (or two, heh heh).
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