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Sedona - Late Winter

Monday, March 3, 2008

We were hoping to climb Mount Eldon, but cold and windy weather changed our mind. We headed down to Sedona instead - a difference of 2500 feet in elevation.

Still windy, but I am sure it would've been much worse back up in Flagstaff.

Touch it, I dare you!

We actually spotted a water fall. A search on the web, I guess the name of this fall is Encinoso Fall. This is seasonal. With unusual amount of snow fall this Winter, we have a lot more water this year. I am estimating this is about 600 feet up from the road, not very far from the rim. The normally peaceful Oak Creek is mad with rushing water. We saw several cars with kayaks designed for rapids, but we didn't actually see any one in the water.
Well, something is blooming, cause my allergies is kicking up in high gear. Last year, being new to the area, I suffered big time in late February, early March. This year, I started my Claritan treatment early, in anticipation of whatever it is - pine, most likely. When the car is covered by some type of pollen, that'll be the worst time for me.
Kleenex supply, check!
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