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One tank adventure - GC

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A quick day trip to Grand Canyon, again, :), can't get tired of the place. Our original goal was to hike the Kaibab trail, but it was a little too icy to continue too far, so we walked to the Yaki point, and then walked around the south rim trail a little. Here is a picture of the Kaibab trail, close to the trail head, some crazy switchback. Because it is mostly in the shade, portions of the trail is still iced over. I believe park ranger has put saw dust on the ice, but we'll wait until it has thawed.

This shot is along the rim trail from Kaibab trail to Yaki point. You can not drive to Yaki point, only shuttle or walk.

This shot was taken west of Mather point, on the rim trail. If you are wondering why over 200 + people get hurt each year, here's a good example. She is in blue, sitting on top of the ledge. Last year, a 4 year old fell to her death after her parents wanted her to stand close to the edge to get a good picture. She lost her footing and fell 250 feet. This ledge here has a shear drop off of maybe over a thousand feet, straight down.

Hey! Stay on the trail! South Rim.
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