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DA 40mm pancake

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cool, it's here! My pancake lens. Well, it is a small lens. I am comparing it with the Canon G2. The G2 is not really a pocket digicam, but pretty nice to carry around. The DL with the 40mm is little bulkier than the G2. The prism/flash and the hand grip makes it much thicker.

Top view. Nope, it will have a hard time fitting in your pocket.

Here you can see the size. One thing I am going to be more cautious is the lens cap/hood. It is a screw on type, so if you are in a hurry, it can be frustrating to unscrew the cap - it is slow. I am using an after market lens cap. The lens will take 49mm filter and cap. I'll keep th original cap in a lens pouch, I feel I can easily lose the cap/hood. Heading out to Vegas this weekend, it will be a perfect walk around setup. Can't wait!

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