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Visit to the Peaks

Monday, October 8, 2007

Friday and Saturday have been cold and windy. Finally, Sunday turned out to be a very nice day. With in-laws in town, we visited the peaks to see if we can catch the changing of colors of the aspens. Surprising, most of them are still fairly green, with few areas that are yellow and some are brown.

Reaching for the sky.

Since it wasn't very windy, we decided to take the sky ride up to the peaks. From 9,500 ft to 11,500 ft!

It was actually a very long ride up, we were 30-40 ft up in the air. Since I'm afraid of height, it wasn't a very pleasant ride, :(, but I managed. The worst part is when it stops, then it start to wobble in mid-air..... This is a picture from the top. I did it!

Yup, had to use this facility.

Some very tall aspens by the lift.
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Craig Photography said...

Nice pic's

David Wong said...

Thanks for stopping by - I enjoyed your blog also.

The ride was really high up, and every time it stops to let people on, it starts to sway! Unpleasant!

I am glad I did it, but that's it, :)


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