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Monday, October 15, 2007

Had a business trip last week to Akron. First day there (10/8), it was 88 degrees! Most of the trees were still green, so the color change was very late for them. It did get cooler during the week, which actually felt good.

On Sunday, we went to Petrified Forest National Park. It is located 120 miles east of Flagstaff. I didn't expect too much, but we're all pleasantly surprised with the landscape. The entire park is about 26 miles of paved road. 2 entrances to the park, one is near I-40, the north entrance, or the south entrance, which you can get to from Holbrook, AZ.

From the south entrance, you started off about a mile away from petrified wood scattered all over the park. Seeing it in this huge quantity is mind boggling. Some are intact, and there are also smaller pieces that have broke apart through time. Heck, they are over 200 million years old!

I highly recommend to take the entire park road to the north entrance; there are several stops along the way: blue mesa, tepee, news paper rock (Petroglyphs), agate bridge, Indian Ruins, and all the way to the north, part of the Painted Desert.

I am sure it is tempting to pick up a few pieces of "souvenir", but please don't. There are souvenir shops that sells pieces of petrified woods, they are from private land, so it is legal.

I have uploaded some pictures to my photo gallery. Please enjoy.


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