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Cheap Macro, but not cheap results

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I have always wanted a dedicated macro lens, but I know if I am ready to buy one, I want a really nice one. Either the Tamron 90mm, or the Tokina 100mm, which are the top 2 contenders at this time for me. Either of these lenses will set me back about $400, so I have to save some money first, :~(

In the mean time, I dug up my Quantaray Macro attachment (+1, +2, +4 = +7), you can find it here: http://www.ritzcamera.com/product/241663863msk.htm

The price depends on the lens thread, since this attachment screws onto your lens like a filter. I have the 52mm version, so it screws on to my Pentax kit lens (18-55) without any problem. I also use it on my Nikon 50mm f1.8, it works really well. This is another big plus, since I can use it on 2 different cameras.

The result, take a look, I like it, take a look at the image. With all 3 filters mounted on the lens, I can focus at about 2 inches away from the subject, this is setting my kit lens to 55mm.

The attachment comes with a small case, but the material they used to lined the inside of this case leaves lint on these filters, :(. Remember to clean it up before use...
Additional Samples.

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