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Protect your LCD

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One thing about Nikon D70 is that it comes with this nice LCD protector. Mine is slightly scratched up now, but it's better than scratching up LCD.

The Pentax DL on the other hand, does not have this feature, so I use the Fellowes WriteRight to protec its LCD. My old cover is coming off, time for a little surgery.

I purchased a package of this WriteRight prodcut, and this is the third time I have to replace this cover on my DL.

The tools? Actually just a pair of scissors. The box cutter is there for support, :). Since this thing comes with grid line, it is easy to measure the size you need for your LCD. I alway cut it a little wider than the actual screen itself, this is to allow me to peel it off later on without using any special tools that may scratch the screen.

Cut out the material, and then lay it on the LCD screen one more time before you peel off the backing and expose the sticky side.

Voila! It's on the camera, for continous protection. The hardest part of this little project is actually get the darn bubbles out, :).
Total Time: 5 - 10 minutes.
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Brian Auer said...

You're just full of great ideas, aren't you? This is really slick, I'll have to share with my readers.

By the way, maybe think about opening up the comments to the general public -- there are lots of great folks out there who don't have a blogger account.

David Wong said...

HI Brian,
I might be officially out of ideas to put in this blog, though, :)

I just check the comment setting, I'll change to anyone can comment.

I just realized that you had left a comment here, since I have been working on other projects.

thanks for stopping by.


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