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Printing Contact Sheet in Picasa 2

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I have to admit, I have never figured out how to use PhotoShop. I tried it a few times at work, but just never could remember those commands. Because of my handicap, I use Picasa 2 about 85% of the time, it does what I need to do, easily, and handles the printing fairly well. The other 15 %, just Windows viewer and IrfanView for quick sizing of files.

I had a need to print out a catelog of pictures, so using Picasa, there's a fairly easy way to print contact sheets. On a 8.5 x 11 photo paper, you can print 42 images on a single sheet (6 x 7). The final print out includes date, time, and file name under each picture.

The Process is fairly simple. If the pictures are all in the same folder, just select the pictures you wish to print, either by pressing the CTRL key and then click on the picture, or click each image you'd like, and press HOLD on the bottom of the screen, then click another image, just remember to press HOLD. This will work well if you have to go to another folder to select the image.

Once you have selected all of the pictures you wish to print, click on Folder option (pull down menu option), then select Print Contact Sheet option. You can also use keyboard short cut by pressing CTRL-Shift-P.

This is a nice way to catelog your photos.

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