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Photo Club Field Trip

Friday, September 21, 2007

We had a field trip for our photography club tonight. We went to Hance Partners, a professional darkroom located in Flagstaff. We met the owner Richard Jackson, and his assistant Peter. It was a very informative, educational, and eye opening visit, and Richard and Peter were really great hosts, gave a great tour of the facility, and answered a lot of questions.

Hance Partners specializes in using IlfoChrome paper (formerly known as CibaChrome) for museum/gallery quality output. The equipment they use was simply amazing: we were shown the scanners, photo workstations, the lightjet printer, and then the large developer. The amount of time spent on one image is just amazing (from scan to print). It is possible to go through several proof sheets, before the final copy is made with photographer's approval. Now I understand the cost, I'd say its worth every penny!

Many photographers' work were displayed on the wall: Steve McCurry, Joe McNally, Thomas Mangelsen, Howard Schatz, etc. The works was simply amazing. I have only seen some of the work on web sites, seeing it in prints is a totaly different experience.

Check out their web site at http://www.hancepartners.com/.

Their about page says:
"Welcome to Hance Partners: master fine art printers, utter perfectionists, and specialists in the art and science of attaining the "what if".

After seeing their work, I agree.

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