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Olympus m.Zuiko 45mm

Monday, December 29, 2014

Received my gray market Olympus 45mm lens from Japan.  The estimated shipping time is 3 weeks, I received it within 1 week.  Not bad, and can't beat the price.  But I guess it wouldn't receive the same warranty treatment, if it develops any issues.


The build quality is good, and it's light weight.  It pairs nicely with my E-M5, which has become my favorite camera. 

I went to the Japanese pavilion at EPCOT, and the girl behind the counter gave me a thumb's up, and a big smile.  :)   

Wind Chime

I love the shallow depth of field this lens can produce.  I was thinking about using this lens as my walk about lens, but it is just a bit too tight.  I would love the purchase the 25mm m.Zuiko, but I might give the Sigma 19mm a try.  I think the 38mm equivalent might be better suited on what I would like to do, down the road. 


I will practice more portraits with this lens, which is something I really want to dabble in...

Ciao for now.....

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