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Taiwan - 2011: Bricks

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another trip to Taiwan. I like it there so much, maybe I should just live there, :)

These pictures are taking from northern and central part of Taiwan. Taiwan being a small island nation, it's really easy to get around, if you have a car, which I don't think I have the courage to fight the local traffics, really makes it easy, but with a very good public transportation system, bus, train, or taxis, can take you any where..

Near 國立政治大學 (ChengChi University).

These are left over rail bridge road columns from the Japanese Occupation era. they broke apart due to earthquakes (twice actually), but they look very sharp with these red bricks.

An early kiln, in the city of that is famous for potteries. However, a lot of stores were selling goods from Japan and Korea. Don't know why they didn't have local stuff.

An old brick house, scary part is, I think someone still living there. I would think this would crumple down any time....

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