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Stranded in Japan

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Due to a flight cancellation with my layover in Japan, I had a chance to spend a night and half a day in Narita. I had hoped to make a short trip to Tokyo (about an hour away by train), but I am glad I checked out the city of Narita instead. Tokyo will require days, not few hours to browse through. After I had a chance to plan my route, I took the free bus from the hotel to the city. My main goal is to visit this temple near the business district. Because it was early morning, most of the stores had not opened yet. I noticed that the street are very clean, and traffic was orderly, there's a sense of pride with how people like to keep up the cleanliness. This accidental trip was very nice, I have to plan a trip in the future to see more of Japan.




City Center - Narita, near city hall.

Too early for business


Traditional Medicine

Alley Way.

Finally, stores start to open up. This place was selling type of sweet treat, and pickled vegetables.

This lumber probably came from Taiwan.

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