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Taipei at Night

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Taipei City - Taipei is a very busy city, with population of around 2.6 millions people. The city gets pretty crowded during the night, with people walking, buses, fancy cars, taxis, and the countless scooters taking up the roads.

Cars every where, I don't think I'll drive in Taiwan, too scary for me.

There are several types of cars that I have not seen in the states before, lots of micro vans, that I don't think will meet the safety guideline in US, but newer models of Suzuki Swift, which looks like a rally car, are plentiful.

Eating out, at a popular branch restaurant that serves noodles.

Shopping Center - SOGO. I think it's a Japanese department store. We went there mainly for the kick ass food court, :).

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Graffiti Usa Politics And News said...

Great photos. I love your work. I'll continue to check back.


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