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Bitter sweet trip to Taiwan

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's been 33 years since I been to Taiwan (that's when we moved to the states). It's a bittersweet trip, because I planned for this trip with my wife before we found her cancer had spread, and then her passing. I wished that she was with me on this trip in person, it would've been a complete trip for me.

My trip took me from Phoenix to LA, then LA to Incheon, Korea, then to Taoyuan Airport in Taiwan. A good full days worth of traveling. I was on Asiana airline, and the service was impeccable.
Above shot was approaching the airport in Taiwan.

Very green, still a lot of farm fields in this area.

Now we are seeing tall buildings right before landing.

Right after I settled in the apartment I rented, went out for a walk. Lots of cars, narrow streets, I don't think I can drive here..

More to come

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