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Birding with new lens.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I just purchased an Olympus 70-300 lens for the extra reach, which is equivalent to 140 - 600mm on the Olympus bodies. Nice. So far, it's just as what other people have reported, nice, sharp lens, but hunts a great deal when light condition is less than optimal, and it's not really for action shots, unless you want to go with pre-focus, or even manual focus. I bought this lens, hoping that my wife will be more interested in photography. I hope it doesn't discourage her with the slowness with action shots.
Eastern Blue bird - I wasn't sure how well the lens will do with this shot. There's a lot of distraction around the bird. But the camera locked the focus on the bird really well. I was about 15 feet from the bird, and I didn't want to get any closer, as they are fairly skittish. Picture above was not cropped.

Canadian Geese - in flight. I wasn't sure who well this camera locks on to focus with them in flight, but it did a pretty good job with it. I did notice a red tail hawk in the distance, no, it wasn't chasing the geese, it was heading in another direction. Uncropped. I don't recall distance, maybe a hundred feet or more away.

Black headed Junco, I think the correct name is Dark Eyed Junco - I don't see much of these guys in the Summer months, only the gray headed ones, with a splash of orange on the body. I am not sure if the color changes for Winter time or not, but they are my favorite year round birds in this area. I like the way they claw around the ground looking for seeds, occassional jumps on the feeder for a quick peck at seeds. Although they should be all over U.S., I don't recall ever seeing them while I lived in Florida. Uncropped, about 25 feet away. I had to crank up the iso, so noise is a little high.

Mountain Chickadee - Usually this bird hangs on the side of our ponderosa pine, and picking out insects and stuff. This time it was on the feeder stuffing itself. It is getting colder, maybe it's not that easy to find insects any more. About 25 feet away, uncropped.

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