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Thorny Subjects

Sunday, August 24, 2008

No, it's not about politics, :).
Made a quick trip down to Sedona to try out this Mexican restaurant we haven't been to. Not bad, and good Margarita. After the meal, we decided to hit Bell Rock. Parts of 179 is still under construction, but a big portion has been completed, and the road is really nice and smooth. What's new are bigger parking space for people to make a quick stop. One concern is the round-about at 179 and 89 junction. I remember the round-about they put in at Clearwater Beach, FL, no one knows how to handle that darn thing! It caused quite a traffic congestion there. I wonder how this will play out at Sedona? I think only Europeans know how to drive around a round-about....

Yucca with my new B&W treatment.

Valentine already?
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