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Salt Lake City - Mountains

Monday, February 18, 2008

I am not a big skier, just skied once prior. My wife on the other hand, loves to ski. We drove up to Salt Lake City to meet up with our friends from Florida. We skied at Alta, it was cloudy and very cold. Unlike my first ski experience (where the slope was icy), this was more snowy, which helped when I crashed a few times, :). Their beginners slope was way too advanced for me, even though little kids were flying past me. Back to bunny slope for me!

Clouds coming in.

Granite walls.

Wildlife alert.

One day of skiing was enough for me. My knees were killing me!
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B. Fred said...

One way to fix the knee problem is to wrap them in ace bandages before the day of skiing. Or, invest in a knee brace. It really does help. Pictures are Great!

David Wong said...

Thanks for the tips - I do want to practice more, it is really neat to watch someone effortlessly glide on the snow. We have the Arizona Snow Bowl right here, and this year, a healthy amount of snow has allow the Snow Bowl to open, and stay open (no snow making allowed).
We might head on up there to have a go.


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