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Fiery Sky

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Spent 7 days this past week in the Tampa area.

Worked most of the time at the company HQ, and it was pretty much dark by the time I got out of work. I was lucky enough to capture this the day before I left. This is upper Tampa Bay, right off Courtney Campbell Parkway.

I lived 10 years in the area, but after this week, I am really glad that I don't live there now - I couldn't stand the traffic!! I guess a year after leaving the area, I am now used to the slower pace at Flagstaff.

Shot with Nikon D70 at 18mm, handheld.
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hawaii Photographer said...

What a beautiful image! We are always in awe of the sunset in Florida. It's very striking and you've done a great job capturing it.




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