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AZ Snowbowl is OPEN!

Monday, December 24, 2007

It's been tough with the Snowbowl operator for the past couple of years. Snow making is not allowed at this time on the peaks, so it is important for natural snow to fill the slopes. With the storm from a couple of weeks ago (we had 2 feet by our house), Snowbowl is open for happy skiers and snowboarders. I haven't been there with snow, so this is cool to check it out. Now my wife wants to ski, and she would like me to accompany her......
Map of the slopes.

Bunny slope, I like it, since it is very open, you don't have to worry too much about bumping into others. I've only skied one other time, and it looks like my wife will talk me into going up there on Christmas day, hope I won't hurt myself, :~)

I like the open space, and it wasn't too busy for a Saturday afternoon, unlike our trip to the White Mountains - when Snowbowl was closed due to lack of snow.

This is the moderate slope. We didn't get to the black diamond, but I took the lift up this Fall, and it was pretty scary looking slope.

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