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St. Pete - Murals

Monday, November 16, 2015

Near downtown St. Pete, between 7th and 6th St. North, in the alley way on the north side of Central Ave, you can find enormous amount of murals.  Most of the pictures are from that section, while a few a up and down the block off of Central Ave.

They are really nice works, but there are many obstacles that may kept you from taking full shot of them.  I know the murals in the area has been getting some attention, as there are now guided tours for them.


The bricks are real...  :)

Iguana in space

Russia dolls?

This mural is really cool to see in person. 

St. Pete

 Great White

not a mural, but this tree was kind of stuck in this strange position. 


I was thinking about moving these dumpsters, but it's probably not a good idea.

The following are further east off of Central Ave.

By Carrie Jadus.

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