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it's been awhile

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's been awhile since I posted anything here on this blog. A lot has happened:
sold the house in Flagstaff with a loss; moved back to Florida; downsized to a smaller place; trip to England, then another trip to Taiwan. Keeping myself busy at best.

Will be posting mmore pictures from my trips.
Here are some from Taiwan:

This is an art district in Taipei, from converted old factories into an art village. The whole place has plenty of artsy fartsy feel to it.
For this trip, I used my newly acquired Panasonic LX5, along with my old trusty Pentax DL camera. The DL is there as a spare, just in case I don't like the performance of the LX5. Well, after this trip, I have decided that the LX5 is a wonderful camera that I can use for all my trips, I will no longer take the bulkier DSLRs on my vacation trips!

Down the hall..

Election time in Taiwan. Well, it is just crazy time, but similar to politics in the US. lots of name calling and the usual craziness, and no one really talks about the issues..
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