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Back Yard Bird Watch

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gray-headed Junco - Back end.

Gray-headed Junco - A profile shot.
I have never seen the Junco's until we moved to AZ.
Occassionally, we can see them on the bird feeder, but most of the time, they prefer to forage on the ground, from what I have read, they like to nest on the ground also.
Another thing is, they stay around year round, even in middle of Winter. We do leave out more seeds for them at that time. They are a genus of American Sparrows. I like the colors of these birds, and seems to have more "personality".

Male Ruby Red Throat.
We must have a pair nesting near by, since there's a lot of chasing and fighting going on right now for the feeder we put up. The females don't make much of a noise, while the males like to chirp loudly, make their presence known. They get a little mad when I don't keep up with the nectar, :).
The other type of hummer that visits this area, a later arrival, is the rufous hummingbirds. They are a lot more aggressive. They looks smaller than the Ruby Throats, but rufous will chase them away from the feeder. I have not been able to get a good shot of the rufous, since they are very skittish, and takes off as soon as I open our back door.

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