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Austin Bound.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Austin, one of my favorite cities. I lived there back in 96 - for about 6 months. But I worked out of there for a year (I was commuting). It's cool, vibrant, full of energy, great restaurants, and also very busy. Last time I was here, was when Gore conceded the presidential election. When I lived here, I was mostly in the northern part of Austin, just south of Round Rock. This time, I am staying in the southern part of Austin, near the airport, so I am not familiar with this area at all, thank goodness for GPS.

Waiting game begins - PHX, terminal D. Luckily, no delays.

Ceiling of Chuy's - great timing, it's time for the green chili celebration. Great, thin, crispy chips, and nice spicy salsa (no wimpy stuff here), and a Shiner Bock accomanied my dinner, oh yeah!

Capital at night. Didn't finish my work on schedule. I was hoping to get out early enough to see the bats, but ran into some technical difficulties..... Oh well. Maybe anothe time. I did drive by the capital building. Always an impressive sight.
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