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Extreme Close-up

Friday, June 6, 2008

I have read about using the reverse lens setup to get really nice macro captures. I finally broke down and bought a reverse ring from Ebay. The way it works is to attach a lens to your camera body, then attach this reverse ring to the lens, just like a filter, then attach the secondary lens to the ring, reversed, as it is front-element to front-element configuration. Of course, your lens thread must match, I am using 49mm to 49mm reverse ring. The second trick is that the outer lens must be wider than the lens mounted on the body, otherwise, you picture will end up with a tunnel effect. I am using two 50mm lenses.

Sample 1, uncropped. This little grasshopper is less than a centimeter long, so I am getting pretty good close-up on this thing.

Cropped - but from another image I took. Very shallow depth-of-field.

Here's what the setup looks like. I am still playing with this setup, so lots to learn.
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