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West Fork

Monday, April 7, 2008

A month ago, Oak Creek was flooded with snow melt, and much of West Fork was still covered in snow/ice. We turned around on the third creek crossing. Today, we crossed 13 creek crossings, almost to the end of the West Fork. The creek water was clear, and not very deep, cold, yes, but refreshing.

Spring is definitely here at this elevation. A lot of birds and butterflies, and we even heard a hummingbird flying by with their distinct sound they make.
Not sure about these, but I think they are apple blossoms.

We spent 4 hours hiking the 3.5 miles of trail. Tired, but fun. Had a great dinner at Salsa Brava, and enjoyed a couple margaritas, you know, we had to replenish the salt, :).

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