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My HP PSC2100xi "camera"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I saw an article a while back on Pop Photo, about a guy using his scanner to "take" pictures. The result was really nice - his subject was seashells. I thought about giving it a try, but never had a chance, or the correct subject matter, definitely not the shells, I don't want the scanner to get scratched..... And I kinda forgot about it since then......

I was watching Gallery HD, and there was someone doing the same thing on the show, he was scanning silk flowers. I thought I'd give it a shot. I was lucky to find some flowers from the garden, and the dead leaves. The result is not too shabby.

Tips -
1. Get ready to post process your image. I had a lot of white spots. I am not sure if they are hot pixels or not.
2. To achieve the black background, just don't close the lid of your scanner.
3. You need to place the subject upside down - that's kind of obvous now, but I should've turn the leaves over.
4. Clean your scanner before and after use, :)

The result is actually kind of nice. This image turned out to be 1.5 megapixel after cropping.
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Nathan said...

Wow, that is a nice result. Are those colors from the scanner or from saturation in post process?

David Wong said...

Hi Nathan,

The color is from the scanner, the only PP I did was to remove white specks (I left out a few in this picture).



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